Continuing with the topic of the month, Managing Operations Talent, this week our focus is on developing Operations’ middle managers. Senior Operations executives often express concern about the competency gap within the middle layers of management, particularly because many middle managers are highly tenured, and as Operations’ work has shifted their skillsets have remained stagnant.  In fact, according to 75% of Operations Council executives, the middle and line management levels present the biggest challenge from a competency perspective.

We’ve found that middle managers occupy a crucial role in transferring information and implementing strategies from senior leadership to line level staff. Council research shows that middle managers singlehandedly have the power to improve employee performance and retention by up to 39%.  Unlocking the full potential of Operations’ middle managers requires that firms create consistent messaging and incentives about the critical competencies needed for talent at that level.

To that end, the Council’s The Truth about Operations Middle Managers, debunks several myths surrounding the critical competencies required for middle management, their motivation and interest and the key drivers to their success.