The winners keep coming in sanghoki , and there are a few juicier wins out there thanks to players flopping quads at the higher limits.

While there weren’t any crazy hands in this batch there certainly was some crazy chat. When Urban57 woke up with pocket rockets at a 25c/50c he quickly made it $1.50 to go, another player who had already folded made the comment “bluffer” in the chat box, Urban57 was called and soon flopped quad aces, giving him absolute nuts, I’m not sure what some people consider bluffing, but Im pretty sure quad aces should hold up in most spots, its a bit tough to call that a bluff!

Here is the list of winners and what they picked up for playing their big pocket pairs:


sandy1234 $4

Mamoste $4

stuck333 $200

ChemicalAli $100

aaaargh1 $ 25

MrToad2U $10

nilefox3000 $100


minerva7 $4


Urban57 $50

JROCK3480 $200

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Stop reading and start flopping!

Floptober Fest Winners!

The winning has began, here the first Floptober Fest winners:

canalto $25


Berrin $4

8erChamp $4

lordvali $25

Yetti32 $10

lukyhearts $25

bergie2 $50

0minus1 $10

The hand of the day from the winners has to go to 8erChamp. Here is how it played out:

The action was taking place at the 2c/4c table, Feline2770 raised to 16c from early position only to have the small blind, 8erChamp raise to 32c from the small blind. Feline2770 called and we saw a J-A-A flop. 8erChamp slyly checked and Feline2770 raised to 8c, 8erChamp raised to 16c and Feline2770 made the call. The flop was a 2 and 8erChamp turned up the heat betting out a $1, Feline2770 tried to counter moving all-in over the top for a grand total of $3.86. 8erChamp made the easiest call of his life, and the river card wasn’t even needed for the result, 8erChamp flipped up pocket rockets for flopped quad aces, while Feline2770 flipped up pocket jacks for a crushed full house, jacks over aces.

I’m not sure how your supposed to get away from that hand, I’m pretty sure that if I’m Feline2770 I lose all my money there too.

Congrats to all our winners for the day, keep playing those big pocket pairs, remember any flopped quads Queens or higher pay!