As many of you know, each month the Council features a series of posts around a specific topic related to Operationswork.  For the month of April, we’re showcasing a perennial topic which often surfaces in our conversations with members: How to Manage Talent. To start off our series, this week I’d like to discuss our Operations Council Talent Diagnostic, a tool that actually brings together all the research we’ve conducted in recent years on this topic to help members diagnose employee performance at their own organization.

The Council has identified 30 critical attributes that have maximum impact on Operations’ productivity and quality performance. These 30 competencies break down into 6 main competency groups for Operations, such as: communicating effectively with colleagues and customers, possessing a high degree of organizational knowledge, being flexible and innovative, and more.

Our Talent Diagnostic is designed to help your firm assess the competency effectiveness of your employees (with analysis by different employee levels), identify existing gaps for critical competencies, and then evaluate your firm’s ability to drive key employee competencies through levers such as employee engagement, coaching and training, and career development. The diagnostic is highly customized for each participating institution, with options to add specific questions related to your organizational goals.