Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

  While the biggest news of the week might be PokerStars potential purchase of FullTilt Poker, there was still plenty of action on the felt, as Sunday tournaments continue to be on the rise. Taking the headlines this weekend was the start of Party Poker’s annual PokerFest, a tournament series featuring high buy-in events.  PokerFest […]

Ways to Save Money – 5 Creative Tips to Do It Painlessly

  We all know that we should be looking for more ways to save money. It’s the smart and responsible thing to do. But being “smart and responsible” seems to be less of a priority when we see the next shiny new thing we want to buy. Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news […]

keluar sgp Leaderboards – Current Leaders October 10th

Let’s kick off this weekend with a keluar sgp leaderboard report. Last week I wrote about the monthly leaderboard winners for September, so now we have October to focus on. The month is one third of the way finished already, so let’s start looking at some standings. As always, though, we need to look at the […]

Bodog- result hk Leaderboards – Current Leaders May 23rd

It’s the 23rd and in just over a week, the leaderboard for the month of May at Bodog will come to a close. We all know that a week is plenty of time for change, however! Let’s see what has changed since last Friday.   First things first – who was last week’s weekly leaderboard  […]

Casino 770 Review

A warm welcome is what you receive when first entering Casino 770 and that’s just the beginning of a great blackjack gaming experience. Before even making your first wager, Casino 770 award you with a £25 no-deposit welcome bonus, followed up with a 100% welcome bonus up to £200. The bonuses just keep coming for […]

How to calculate average loss

You don’t have to calculate average loss, because my calculator above does all the heavy lifting for you.  But if you want to, here’s the formula Rounds per hour x Amount Bet x House Edge x Number of Hours = Average Loss As a practical example we’ll use a slot machine with typical assumptions: 700 […]

Blackjack Terminology:

basic strategy a playing strategy that is designed to minimize the house edge as much as possible without using techniques such as card counting, shuffle tracking, or dealer tells. Basic strategy is used as a foundation for card counting, but is also used by many non-counters. burn card(s) cards that are discarded without being dealt […]

Unlocking Middle Management’s Potential

Continuing with the topic of the month, Managing Operations Talent, this week our focus is on developing Operations’ middle managers. Senior Operations executives often express concern about the competency gap within the middle layers of management, particularly because many middle managers are highly tenured, and as Operations’ work has shifted their skillsets have remained stagnant.  In […]

Why Traditional Cost Cutting Won’t Bring You Sustainable Cost Reduction

In our recent study on Trends Impacting Operations in 2012, we discussed a key challenge facing many members today: continued year on year cost reduction. Despite the cuts made across financial services in recent years, over 60% of Operations executives are forced to reduce their budgets further in 2012. But while traditional budget reduction strategies often rely […]