Unlocking Middle Management’s Potential

Continuing with the topic of the month, Managing Operations Talent, this week our focus is on developing Operations’ middle managers. Senior Operations executives often express concern about the competency gap within the middle layers of management, particularly because many middle managers are highly tenured, and as Operations’ work has shifted their skillsets have remained stagnant.  In […]

Improve Coordination to Prevent Wasting Staff Time

This month we present the third segment of our research series on “Targeting Hidden Inefficiencies”, which focuses on how Operations can uncover and eliminate wasted costs resulting from ineffective coordination. As regular readers of this blog will know, we’ve focused a lot of effort in recent months on identifying hidden sources of waste within Operations – […]

Developing Effective Operations Managers

Continuing with the Council’s topic of the month, Managing Operations Talent, this week I want to focus on the importance of developing employees – in particular, high performers who have the potential to grow to the management level within Operations. Given the volatility we’ve seen in the industry over the last couple of years, we’ve found […]

BPM: Governance First, Technology Second

Rising levels of process complexity have made it difficult for financial institutions to understand, diagnose and manage their business processes.   As a result, BPM has skyrocketed in popularity among our members, but many executives are still unclear what BPM means in practical terms, and what results financial institutions can aspire to by implementing a formal […]

Evaluate Your Operations’ Employee Performance

As many of you know, each month the Council features a series of posts around a specific topic related to Operationswork.  For the month of April, we’re showcasing a perennial topic which often surfaces in our conversations with members: How to Manage Talent. To start off our series, this week I’d like to discuss our Operations […]

Eliminating Hidden Coordination Inefficiencies

As frequent readers of our blog will know, the Council has focused a lot of attention recently on the topic of finding hidden inefficiencies within Operations. These are costs that often go untracked but present significant opportunities for sustainable cost reduction. Our recent studies have featured solutions for Operations to root out inefficiency through achieving process excellence and establishing optimal […]

Why Traditional Cost Cutting Won’t Bring You Sustainable Cost Reduction

In our recent study on Trends Impacting Operations in 2012, we discussed a key challenge facing many members today: continued year on year cost reduction. Despite the cuts made across financial services in recent years, over 60% of Operations executives are forced to reduce their budgets further in 2012. But while traditional budget reduction strategies often rely […]